I find online education expensive, how will my needs be met?
Online education for children and adults is generally less expensive than private education and in certain circumstances public school education, as it does not require school buildings, multiple teachers who have to travel and other sometimes costly required materials for teaching your child. If you take into account all the costs of schooling for children (e.g. transport, school fees, uniforms needing regular replacement, stationary constantly being purchased due to theft or loss), as well as the costs associated with working (transport, after-school care), home education may not be as expensive or unaffordable, we at Donnish Edu provide different classes at reasonable fees so as to make the cost of education easier on parents.
Why should I choose Donnish Edu?

We offer students affordable, flexible online education, with qualified and experienced professionals that have your best interest in mind. As much as we are a business, we are fully-dedicated to guiding you to your best potential and personal growth for the future. We offer additional support and access to quality resources which other online schools do not.

What do I need to get started?

Basic requirements include the following: a stable, preferably high speed internet connection, a desktop, laptop or tablet, a scanner or camera to send through relevant documents, Zoom for meetings application, and a headset with built in microphone (optional) as this helps students and teachers hear each other with higher clarity.

What if the student is unable to attend class?

This is something that will be discussed in detail, depending on the circumstance, a general guideline is as follows:

  • The student takes leave with 24 hours+ notice from the time of the scheduled class: Arrangements can be made with the teacher to temporarily pause lessons, at no cost to you.
  • The student takes leave with less than 24 hours’ notice from the time of the scheduled class: Depending on the severity of situation of why leave was taken, there may be a fine/ fee involved, however, we do take into account illness, weather, emergencies and other situations out of your control.
  • The student is absent and does not give any indication of attending class/ not communicating with admin or teacher: As no arrangements were made prior, you risk being fined by the teacher for their time if no valid reason is given for absence.
  • The student is online and communicative but there are technical issues: These situations do unfortunately happen, and it isn’t always in your control. You will need to contact admin for assistance, fees aren’t charged for legitimate technical issues.
  • There was a sudden illness or death in the family: This can be a very difficult time for students, we are very understanding to these situations and there will be no charge for your leave.
  • The student has unexpected life circumstances: You will need to contact and discuss with admin on the severity of the situation, so arrangements can be made, there won’t be a fine involved.
How is a teacher matched with me?

We feel that a student-teacher relationship is equally as important as the qualifications of the teacher. You will receive information about different teachers available to teach the subject you require and may choose which one you would like to use. You may also have trial classes with different teachers in order to test the waters before committing to formal classes.