In his 1984 paper, Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist, described an experiment where classroom instruction and private tuition were delivered to two groups of students at the same academic level. Students receiving private tuition performed above 98% than those purely taught in a classroom. The average exam results of the private tuition students were two sigmas higher than the average score of those students receiving only classroom instruction.

Our approach to classes is to make all content meaningful and relevant to students’ personal lives. We facilitate learning through a communicative and student centered methodology. Classes are practical, critical and creative.

Teachers’ identify characteristics and abilities of their students to personalize the class and target areas of need. Our teachers stay current in the field of education and effective methodologies.

For parents choosing a home-schooling option for their child:

Benefits of home-schooling your child:

  • Home-schooled students are treated as individuals and are not lost or brushed off in a busy classroom. This individual attention nurtures each child’s potential and personal growth
  • Personalized learning: every student is unique, home-schooling allows students to benefit from an approach that isn’t focused on the expectation that all students will have equal abilities and achieve the same goals , but allows each child to grow at their own individual pace and to develop their weaknesses into strengths, and excel at their strengths at a pace best suited for the individual (for example gifted children)

Student’s role and expectations:

As a Donnish Edu student, we are very selective of the students we take on as we expect students who want to learn, and it’s up to students to be their biggest motivator. Discipline is very important to stay on a regular schedule in order to get through the learning material in the time allocated.

We foster an environment that considers students active participants of the learning experience. In doing so, our staff increases the amount of academic responsibility given to students with each completed year, thus allowing the opportunity to give students a realistic feel of responsibility that will be of utmost importance later in their lives. Working together with teachers and tackling set goals by themselves shape students into independent learners who are well prepared for the post-school world.

Teacher’s role and expectations:

Not only do Donnish Edu students enjoy the benefits of personalized and accredited online classes, they also get to work with our team of highly-qualified and experienced teachers along the way. Our teachers are experts, personally investing their time in to the academic well-being of students. By taking time to understand each student’s specific learning style, strengths, weaknesses and building strong student-teacher relationships, our teachers give them the correct balance of support and independence for pursuing their goals.

Our current interactive classes:

General English (one on one or group)

This class incorporates theme discussions, vocabulary, phonics, literature, reading strategies, reading skills, writing skills and grammar.

General English Class Introduction

Fiction Reading (group)

This class focuses on comprehension, theme discussions, reading strategies and reading skills using fiction stories.

Donnish Edu Reading Class

Non Fiction Lexile Reading (group)

This class has themes based in science, technology, health, environmental studies, economics, history, agriculture and many more. Students extract information, understand complex texts, discuss opinions and write in response to the topic explored.

Donnish Edu Lexile class

Our future interactive classes:

Writing (group), Phonics (one on one or group), Social Studies(one on one or group), Mathematics (one on one or group), History (one on one or group), science (group) and Business/Economic management sciences (one on one or group).

Opening dates of current classes and future class types to be announced.

Our lessons are either 45 or 60 minutes in length. Special arrangements are made for classes shorter and longer than the average length.

For prospective teachers, we currently have a high demand for History, Social Studies and Writing teachers. We also have opportunities available for Science, General English, and Reading teachers.