Donnish Edu is an expanding online school based in multiple countries utilizing various curricula across all subjects for K-12. We provide a supportive and positive environment for our staff and students. It was established in 2018 with multiple partners in different locations across the world (China, South Africa and New Zealand). It is run by a body corporate with multiple members in different roles as opposed to one set of directors.

Our Mission and Vision

Donnish Edu is fully committed to preparing students for a future that is focused on delivering high-quality, supportive, engaging and level-based online education. We facilitate students in to a mind-set that gives opportunity for positive attitudes towards education by having an interactive experience in learning, having a fun and enjoyable experience as teachers get to know their students and build strong, important relationships over time. This in turn gives the opportunity to teach students in ways that best suit their personality type, as well as their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Our philosophy

We fully understand and acknowledge that no two students are alike, the biggest problem with the education system is putting 30 students of different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and teaching them the exact same thing, at the same pace, and expecting the same result across all students. This is not only ineffective, but discouraging for students. We strive to get to know our students from their learning abilities all the way to their personal interests, so they can have the best experience, as well as the best educational outcome here at Donnish Edu.

Our objectives

We offer students affordable, flexible online education as well as preparation for further studies, careers and employment in the future, based on employer-driven academic requirements in that field. Donnish Edu creates a positive environment that facilitates all students reaching their maximum potential for personal and academic growth. We strive to be at the forefront of providing online, career-based academics in all countries. We maintain a fully-dedicated professional team of certified academic coaches and teachers. In his 1984 paper, Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist, described an experiment where classroom instruction and private tuition were delivered to two groups of students at the same academic level. Students receiving private tuition performed above 98% than those purely taught in a classroom. The average exam results of the private tuition students were two sigmas higher than the average score of those students receiving only classroom instruction. Our approach to classes is to make all content meaningful and relevant to students’ personal lives. We facilitate learning through a communicative and student centered methodology. Classes are practical, critical and creative. Teachers’ identify characteristics and abilities of their students to personalize the class and target areas of need. Our teachers stay current in the field of education and career specific topics.